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Post Series: House to Home Project

I. Hate. This. House.

I had this entire post planned, and it’s still saved in my drafts. But, that’s not the story I want to tell right now. In this present and real moment, in the midst of what feels like never-ending and uncontrollable change, I am miserable. This latest move, with all of its hurdles, both unforeseen and manufactured, feels like it is taking time from my life.  I only pray its seconds and not years.  That is the truth today.

I know I’m supposed to be grateful and what I’m feeling is considered one of many “first-world problems,” but that does not invalidate what I’m experiencing.  And, sometimes, like some great leaders have echoed, you’ve just got to sit in your shit. Today, I’m sitting in ingratitude, discomfort, and discontent. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Happy house hunting or renovating or building or enjoying!

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