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Ticking Clock

The end is near, and I’m not ready. April 30th marks my husband’s last day working for the company. We have one month afterwards to leave before the police come knocking. Singapore does not allow foreigners to just live here without…
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Why We Must Forgive

I was walking through a parking lot today, and I saw a sign that read, “If reason is on your side, show forgiveness. If justice is on your side, show humility.” At first, it rattled me considering the state of…
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Thinking Ahead

January 20, 2014 Singapore seems like that ambitious overzealous younger sibling desperately trying to crawl out of the shadows of its predecessors. It strives to excel in all areas, especially education. In terms of academics, just from my brief research…
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The Break

The Break Sunday December 1, 2013 and Thursday January 9, 2014 It felt like water breaking. <Hi, my name is Talitha, and I can be dramatic.> Though premature, they say it happens around three months, then again at six, this…
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The Help(er) Part I

The Help(er) Part I “It’s the best thing about living in Asia!”  “Everyone has one. Just do it!”  “You’ll never want to leave if you get one. They change your life!” These are all statements that have repeatedly been echoed…
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