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One Week In

Friday, August 1, 2013 5:26 am

ImageIt has been exactly one week since we landed in Singapore to begin our new life in our new home. And, it actually almost feels like it is home already.  The initial, “Where am I again? Did we really just do this? What time is it? What freaking day is it? This must be a dream,” feeling has ceased and now I’m in, “Wow, this is amazing! We really just did this! Let’s make this thing real! It’s about to be on with a side of popcorn. Yes, I just said that,” mode. 


This first week has been filled with meeting new interesting (used literally and as a euphemism) people, organizing our new home, daily grocery shopping (I haven’t quite adjusted to the difference in product and process), exploring the new neighborhood, entertaining kibibi (the princess),  & jet lag recovery, which is a beast!! But, today, our second shipment of our items from the U.S. arrives, and we get to place our personal touches on our condo.


All week, I’ve been preparing for this by shifting the supplied furnishings around, cleaning up all of the hair from the previous tenant that was left in threads in every room, corner, crevice, seam…I swear this hair is my nemesis!!! But, I digress. Today, I’m like a wide-eyed, Upper East Side kid on the morning of Christmas who’s been nothing but nice for at least the last 30 days, because that’s all Santa could possibly remember anyway!!


It’s been months of shifting and disorganization, planning and changing plans, which completely rattles someone with a slight touch of OCD and anal-retentive “must have” order. I’m not saying that’s me. I’m just saying it would rattle someone like (me) that.  Home is my sanctuary, my personal resort, my refuge, my “only the select genuine few may enter and you better take your shoes off” place of solace. Once I organize, decorate, and personalize our new home, then the fact that we uprooted ourselves, our young daughter, my business, my plans, my normalcy, and traveled across the world to replant in South Asia will feel completely natural, real, and I’ll finally feel settled. At least, that’s the plan. 

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  1. Singapore is awesome! Welcome!
    Couple of places you may want to not miss to get your household stuff: the S$2 Shop called Daiso where you get everything from pin to pan for just S$ 2… must try… Another place you should try is called Japan Home…

    Apart from this, experience the food places here… you will suddenly feel at home… it’s awesome for it’s food!!! Check out a few of my favourite restaurants…

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