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Morning Praise

Morning Praise

Because  I was reminded by a friend to Rise. Praise. Stretch. Cleanse. Nourish. Produce. Praise. Rest. Repeat.

I’m honored to praise You and glorify Your Name. Thank You for this new day. I’m thankful to have the chance to be a vessel for You once again. I thank You for every innumerable blessing and every obstacle that has been conquered because of Your divine Spirit within me. I thank You for the power to manifest the desires of my heart when they are aligned with Your Will. I pray that they are. Thank You for my incredibly thoughtful, faithful, praying, and brilliant husband. Continue to guide him so that he may guide our family to do what You’ve purposed us to do. Help us to walk fearlessly in that direction. Thank You for our health, strength, unity, and vision. Thank You for using us to create two amazing children. Thank You for their health and resilience through this process of transition. Thank You for Your provision and for surrounding us with loved ones and revealing those who are not. Thank You for closing doors that we should not enter and lighting the paths that we must tread. Thank You for peace in the midst of it all. Continue to strengthen us so that we may uplift and assist others. I pray for every one of us God. I pray that we adopt the spirits of love, fearlessness, forgiveness, and fortitude to press on towards our respective callings. I ask that You comfort all those who are cloaked in grief, anguish, or heartache right now. I pray they are reminded of Your grace and omniscience through it all. I pray they are embraced by the spirits of those who’ve gone on before us after enduring similar trials. I ask that You offer healing to those crippled with illness and make them whole and well again however You see fit. I praise You for Who You are; for the presence of divinity in my life. Thank You for every moment I have to praise You and a direct connection with You. Thank You God. Thank You.

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