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Homecoming Manifestation Monday

Homecoming Manifestation Monday

Screenshot of FAMU cheerleaders in Homecoming parade.

It’s Manifestation Monday, but it’s also Homecoming Monday for anyone that attended FAMU’s Homecoming this past week. (It’s a real thing. You need a full day of recovery after Homecoming.)

Prior to making my trek to the highest of seven hills, I was emotionally and mentally bombarded with the recent news of Botham Jean’s murderer’s lenient sentencing and empathetic treatment after the verdict. I needed to go home. I needed a healthy reprieve from the reality of systemic racism. I needed the salve that is reuniting with people who reflect the best of me. I needed to see other Black Girls who love the joy of life despite the daily trials we inherit just for being who we are.

Not everyone was able to attend an HBCU Homecoming this year, or ever. Not even Beyoncé, in all her majestic glory, could fully capture the splendid prestidigitation that is Homecoming because the performance would never end.

Homecoming is all the wonderful, Black is beautiful, Black Excellence, Black love, Black economic empowerment, Black business things! It is truly confirmed every time I visit that I made the #bestdecisionever . For those that weren’t able to attend, I wanted to share some key Black Girl manifestation magic I saw on full display in my time on The Hill this past weekend.

-Black women are instrumental leaders in monumental efforts that have positive effects on our community-at-large. It was with the help and the tireless commitment of several Black women that record-breaking fundraising goals were set.

Artist & Entrepreneur Melissa Mitchell and “Cool Soror” Podcaster & Sister Circle Talk Show Host Rashan Ali were featured in the State of Women Forum.

-Black women are leading voices in every facet. I witnessed this on the campus, from panels, to lectures, to forums, to classroom discussions, to convocation.

-Black women work together to organize, collaborate, and assist each other to execute shared visions.

-Black women are so damn BEAUTIFUL!! Hard stop.

Vegan lipstick line created to benefit FAMU, LoveNGood Lips, was founded by FAMU women.

-Black women came back to Homecoming as CEOs, CFOs, CHROs, business owners, principals, political activists, authors, fashion designers, pastors, venture capitalists, philanthropists, history makers, doctors, psychologists, physical therapists, chefs, coaches, talk show hosts, sports correspondents and commentators, journalists, professors, and just all around BOSSES proving we really can do and become ANYTHING! (Remind your baby Black Girls of that with the purchase of this children’s book: “Black Girls, Brown Girls, What Could You Be?”)

Trailblazer Cori Bostic is the first female drum major in FAMU’s history.

-Black women transformed from all of the roles in which they serve others to prioritize their joy even if just for a moment. I saw the benefit of taking the #onehour for yourself all weekend.

-Black women supported, encouraged, and showed so much love to each other.

-Black women were esteemed by Black men who openly expressed words of adoration, affection, and admiration.

Quote by FAMU alum, Wander Woman and Wandering Moms Founder, Libryia Jones.

To witness a microcosm of all that we are in a Black Excellence overload all weekend was healing in itself. It was also further confirmation that I made the #bestdecisionever by attending Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, and that our HBCUs are invaluable to the restoration of our communities.

I’m so proud to know, truly know the power we possess to manifest any and everything we desire in our lives. Black Girls and women are every wonderful thing! I love you all and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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