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Because I’m Black And Woman And A Writer First…

Because I’m Black and Woman and a Writer First…

Black Girls,

How in de hayell are we supposed to work,
build a business,
pursue dreams,
clean the house,
order food,
meal plan,
count calories,
fold laundry,
put them shits away,
hire somebody,
fire somebody,
eat right,
be thin,
be thick,
have thighs that save lives,
shake ass,
have one, but not too big,
call girlfriends,
be a listening ear,
reach out,
be supportive,
have “me time,”
take one hour,
do self care,
look fabulous,
be fierce,
be sexy,
ride a dick or a face,
wash our hair,
fight wrinkles and greys… down there,
nurse babies,
feed babies,
teach babies,
hold babies,
have babies,
not have babies and hear people’s opinions,
cuss people the fuck out,
refrain from cussing people the fuck out,
pass tests…forever,
plan something,
have the cycle shits,
fit in a box,
break out of the box,
define yourself,
binge watch,
fight insomnia,
go to therapy,
get mammograms,
go to the doctors,
have surgery,
fight illnesses,
get married,
work on our marriage,
save our marriage,
end our marriage,
not get or stay married and hear people’s opinions,
cuss people the fuck out again,
not be a disappointment… to yourself,
fight White supremacy,
fight sexism,
fight all the phobias,
wrestle with patriarchy,
be woke,
be patient,
be loving,
be understanding,
give grace,
be polite,
be real,
watch our mouths,
play politics,
fight our own demons,
face our past,
face our present,
plan for the future,
write wills,
get insurance,
not die,
cry, but not too much,
suck it up,
answer emails, texts, and voicemails,
aaaaaaand heal all in the same damn life?!
Life’s a bitch, and Bitch, I’m tiredT!

©Talitha Anyabwelé 2020

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