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The Movie “Harriet”: Facts & Fiction

Last night, I went to see "Harriet." I didn't go alone. I bought a row in a theater and filled it with mostly Black women and a few Black men; descendants of Harriet. I sat amongst a throng of other Black women in a sold- out theater, all waiting to see the legend we've heard griots SPEAK of all our lives; waiting to see a reflection of the best of who we desire to be. Brazen. Courageous. Audacious. Harriet.
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Homecoming Manifestation Monday

To witness a microcosm of all that we are in a Black Excellence overload all weekend was healing in itself. I'm so proud to know, truly know the power we possess to manifest any and everything we desire in our lives. Black Girls and women are every wonderful thing! I love you all and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it.
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Imperfect 10: Baby Let’s Cruise

I had a vision. I wanted to bring ten married couples who have been married for a decade or more together on a retreat to intentionally focus on our relationships. The purpose was for each couple to leave the retreat stronger in their marriages and with the knowledge that they now have a support circle specifically for the health of their marriage.
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